Get Involved

Besides looking for Precinct Chairs, we are also looking for people to get involved with our future activities and fundraising.


During 2016 each voter in the Republican Primary will have an opportunity to attend or run a precinct convention, in which platform positions are formed and written down and delegates are chosen to represent the precinct at the two county conventions.  Due to the fact the Lee county sits on two U.S. Representational Districts, each district will conduct it’s own convention where platforms are discussed, voted on, and passed along to the state convention.   Each convention will also select delegates who will then be sent along to the Texas State Republican Convention.


Besides our normal meetings, we will be planning events such as dinners, speakers forums, get out to vote campaigns, and voter’s registration drives.   We need you to get involved!

If your interested in being involved with the party, contact Stephen Frick  737-666-5136